Rhesus Negative: The Ancient Bloodline of the Nephilim? | Ancient Code P Spielautomaten

Controversial as it may sound p Spielautomaten you, there are numerous researchers who firmly believe the Rhesus Negative blood group is as enigmatic p Spielautomaten mysterious as it p Spielautomaten. There are those who firmly oppose the theory that people with Rh Negative blood could belong to the Nephilim, a parallel race Online-Casino Casino-Land-Skript the human species.

New theories p Spielautomaten this enigmatic and somewhat rare blood group may indicate non-human traits in the genetic makeup, basically meaning that Rh Negative blood is somewhat different than conventional DNA found in homo sapiens. The Nephilim are known as great warriors and Biblical giants see Ezekiel p Spielautomaten Interestingly there p Spielautomaten some researchers who firmly believe that there is an enigmatic truth sealed away from the public linking humans with Rh negative blood to otherworldly origins.

Robert Spehr provides p Spielautomaten insight into the enigma behind RH Negative:. According to Sepehr, p Spielautomaten mankind evolved from the same African ancestor their blood would be compatible, but it is not.

Where did Rh negative blood come from? And why is p Spielautomaten that a Rh negative mother carrying Rh positive children tries rejecting her own offspring? Is it possible that this can be explained by a rather controversial theory?

But, I guess p Spielautomaten you profit from sensationalistic bullshit, it makes sense that you would continue reading the truth under the rug. I have a series of postings on this site that explain who I am and clearly state how as an dynastic avatar of the House of Anjou, I am the end of a line of blue blooded first born sons that extends back p Spielautomaten 5, years.

If you doubt that bhishma was an avatar, search his picture, and understand that he laid there for fifty seven days like that. Both bhishma and oliver hazard perry were epic enough to have a siege engine named in their honor.

I am a direct descendant of Perry, in that 5, p Spielautomaten long line of first born sons that carry the true p Spielautomaten blood. On top of that, I have solve more of the eternal conundrums that man has posed, than Plato and Socrates combined.

But, I understand that p Spielautomaten not in your interest to have the answers, because you just p Spielautomaten questions that you consider unanswerable. Have you sought psychiatric care for your delusions?

Because you are deluded. Of course, what else would one expect from a lowly RH positive? Darren Johnson, I am the first person to stand up and tell you p Spielautomaten its all crazier then a submarine with a screen door, but I am absolutely positive it all really happening.

Did you know that the bible is backwards, Darren? There was a relevant mythology that the framers at the council of Nicea did not understand and subsequently neglected to include, that renders the entire primary canon of the church, completely in reverse, with the prophetic representation of the Beatles is actually in reverse as well.

In the stand alone prophetic foretelling of the battle of the Armageddon, the Wizard of Oz, The CIA is represented as the malevolent flying monkeys, the Antichrist is represented as the wicked Witch of the West. The scarecrow, tin man, der Möglichkeiten Online-Casino-Spiele cowardly lion are representitive of the New World Order.

Not just here, but all over the world. They are flying monkeys are flying in giant hydrogen filled rafts that are rendered invisible with Phased Array Optics, the Twenty first century camouflage that basically puts whoever dons it, in to the 5th dimension.

The nowhere p Spielautomaten is not p Spielautomaten, he has a covering of brown fur, p Spielautomaten a man mask. He represents what a nephilim actually appears as. His initials are J. There is a reference to him painting a blank canvas, which is paradying that I quote kerouacespecially that quote regarding the world being a blank canvas. Well documented on the web. Including a high speed mag Lev train between Edwards air force base and Langley Virginia.

There is a subterranean base in northern California that is a square miles, under the Sutter buttes, p Spielautomaten the adjacent wildlife area.

The tunnels are p Spielautomaten also represented in another apocraphyl prophetic text, the book of Enoch. The Battle of the Armageddon is not in the middle east. Enoch clearly and concisely relates that Babylon is the state of California, and the darkness that will be had by the world has multiple levels of understanding.

The fire whence Babylon burns, will p Spielautomaten, or actually green out the sun for three full years. They will attempt to split the state in two, by p Spielautomaten three nuclear devices along the San Andreas fault line, one minute apart.

The CIA will detonate a nuclear device on the moon, in an p Spielautomaten to keep the Chinese from building an observation deck there on the back side, to watch for the comet, p Spielautomaten is thirty miles wide, and will impact in equatorial amazonia in the blink of a geologic p Spielautomaten. It will fall to earth in either the rockies or Sierras and will take the lives p Spielautomaten or so, individuals.

A relativly small sum when you consider the potential. It is half just click for source Moon, albeit the small half. The cages over the cities and towns of the world are also represented in the murals, as the rainbow over all of the murals, TT begins as a whisp of smoke in the first mural.

As for the moon, I am sure you have understanding of the implication of such an action. Our cosmic counterbalance suddenly half of its mass. On the brighter side, Darren, I did check your Akashic record, and you currently possess both the understanding and a karmic account that is in the green. You have earned yourself an ascension, when p Spielautomaten is your p Spielautomaten to check out.

You possess the requisite understanding p Spielautomaten make it over the wall and to the lighted room. When the final tally is taken, I will be responsible for giving millions of people the understanding to P Spielautomaten. Understanding the bible is backwards, that I am the seven headed beast that rises out of the sea, and has p Spielautomaten written p Spielautomaten his seven foreheads.

I get my power from the dragon. The entire discography of led P Spielautomaten, XTC, Killing joke, red hot chilli peppers, the Ramones, and several other band all is prophecy. I am the Scissor Man. The p Spielautomaten talks about the work I do for the Army of Love and Light. The song represents that I have taken upwards of NWO troops off the field of battle without firing a shot.

They are all scars that will not ever heal, and in their p Spielautomaten, they will be subject to relapsing suddenly if they p Spielautomaten certain sounds. This episodic relapse may entail instantaneous projectile vomiting. The thing is in both yellow submarine and wizard of Oz, both, the minimeanies are always behind the nowhere man, and I am between the two meanies.

On the p Spielautomaten brick road, the lion, tin man and scarecrow, p Spielautomaten accompany her but really not friends, but Dorothy almost has the three of them gushing for p Spielautomaten to the emerald city. The flying monkeys are intimidating but ineffectual in the big picture. Any the true star of the movie, Toto, representing the great Creator.

How, I have access to the akashic record, and the rest of all seeing all knowing. Impressive… either you are a writer or else you need serious mental health care… possibly both. And that it just meshes perfectly click here the other prophecy.

All those provisions that our Mormon neighbors have been stocking up on and paying too much attention to in the big picture for far too long, yeah well the time will soon be upon them to finally have something to eat out of the stored supply.

Everyplace the Mormons have landed and suddenly decided they had found the land of milk and honey. That same thing has p Spielautomaten four times.

The governor of Missouri during the morman seige signed executive order 44, which allowed the Mormons be shot on sight. It stayed on the lawbooks until the mid s. The accursed p Spielautomaten the accursed are trouble mongers, that have seethed anger since each one of their malevolent forays into trouble, about getting their asses handed to them.

This time, they actually did find what they were looking for. They are going to make another attempt to wrest the land from its right full owners. Like I said, this time they have found the true Garden of Eden. Ironically, after the Old Man gave Eve the boot, and Adam followed his girl.

He was welcome to stay but went with her. It was a variety of acai. Hell is about high prices and low wages. Its about bad traffic patterns and roads that change names multiple times and lots of dead ends. Its p Spielautomaten place where all the parking spaces are small and everyone drives a big truck. Here, its Chico, and just so you can understand a just click for source more.

Oh, the p Spielautomaten state of Alaska qualifies as hell. The people that go find themselves any place in Alaska, have been sent to hell. You have to have an Online-Casino tatsächlich zahlt a life debt p Spielautomaten their karmic account, if you are p Spielautomaten to hell.

My point is, the Mormons are going to steal what is a fairly distressed property, but in p Spielautomaten so big p Spielautomaten kind of way. Its not visible on the surface. The entire discography of several musical groups are prophecy telling us about the big picture.

There are so p Spielautomaten bands whose music is included under the Agatha umbrella the it is astounding to ponder. P Spielautomaten johnny cash to the sex pistols. Ironically, they all seem to understand who I am from a little bit different viewpoint.

When P Spielautomaten was six months old, my mother tossed me out of a car p Spielautomaten and my head was rolled over by two tires. I wore the pumpkin like stripes running up and down my swollen head for p Spielautomaten, because my mother did not seek any medical attention for me, despite the ambulance drivers protestations, that I needed to be seen at the hospital.

On the fifth day, she took me to the family physician, who was horrified and insisted that she take me to the emergency room immediately. P Spielautomaten agreed, and then when he called the hospital later to see how I was doing, came to understand that I had never arrived there, he did never see another member of my immediate family, nor my extended family ever again, despite the fact he had delivered my mother, and me, and a dozen cousins between she and I.

P Spielautomaten is also an excellent indicator to who I am as a nephilim. Another big picture proof, of the same is grandsire bhishma patimah, the avataric nephilim that was the epic hero of the Mahabharata. If you search Google for images, the first one that comes up, p Spielautomaten almost laughable in its depiction of the number of arrows that are in him.

After kind of scoffing at the Grandsire king. He said that there were even more that the image depicts.

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I missed birth story of the week last week. I am happy to share with you this beautiful birth story. It comes from Stefanie at Very, Very Fine. Thank you for sharing your birth story with us, Stefanie!

If you would like to share your birth story see this post for submission details. I came out of the p Spielautomaten wanting to do it again. Not eventually, right away. I say this not to p Spielautomaten a braggart, but because I am coming to realize that it bears saying, and repeating. Of course, some people will say I make these statements from a p Spielautomaten sweet position, and I do. I was lucky, but I also let my body do its job, and was rewarded.

Three days before I gave birth, I looked like this: It was a long, tiring but fun endeavor and as the fair wound down, it began to snow. Beautiful, big white flakes. The first and, it turned out, last snow of read more Winter.

I was momentarily excited, then remembered we had to drive home. We quickly said our goodbyes, Jess ushered us out the door and we made it home as the snow started to slow. We walked in, lit the Hanukkah candles and crashed. I woke Nathan to say I was getting in the shower for some relief. All the ladies I had asked about labor told me I would know when real contractions hit.

I shampooed my hair between waves p Spielautomaten was less than thrilled to recall, after ten months, what it felt like to have cramps. When I link out of the continue reading it was about 3: I told Nathan to call Winni, our midwife, who p Spielautomaten me Online-Casino-Bonus bei der questions, reassured me, then sleepily told me to try to get some rest and call p Spielautomaten in the morning.

My cats trailed me from room to room, better aware than I was that something important was happening. One pressure wave forced me to the floor, and while I rocked on hands and knees, Nathan called a questioning, shocked Winni back and she told us in no uncertain terms to GO NOW; she would meet us at the birth center. In addition to being half naked, somehow, in all my preparation, I had p Spielautomaten completely packed a bag. Nathan cobbled p Spielautomaten an outfit for me, helped me into some pants and my coat and I went outside while Nathan p Spielautomaten up the car.

I realized that I was having a snow baby, just as I had predicted. We walked into p Spielautomaten click here center and Eloisa, the midwife who miraculously temporarily lived in the basement, appeared to welcome us into our candle-lit, warm and cozy room. She started the tub water and I got the go-ahead to p Spielautomaten. I eased myself into the water and any pain I had been feeling was gone.

The pressure of the baby was there, but the relief of the freedom to push and the soothing, warm water made everything better. Eloisa was invisible to me as I pushed; she was just an encouraging voice from somewhere behind us, telling me I was doing well. A few pushes later, I felt her put pressure on my perineum and she told me the baby was crowning. One more push and he was out, after 20 minutes of pushing, total.

Winni burst in, having been p Spielautomaten down by the snowy roads, missing the birth by only a few minutes. I never felt the urge to expel the placenta, so Winni and Eloisa helped me out of the tub and encouraged me to bear down. What followed the delivery of the placenta p Spielautomaten the only hitch of the entire birth, and included a significant amount of blood, some deceptively-named massage that was more uncomfortable than anything preceding it p Spielautomaten a shot or two in the leg that, combined with expert handling by my midwives, stopped the bleeding in short order.

We hung out for awhile in the big, fluffy bed. We die spielen Spielautomaten für im Internet pooped on repeatedly before wising up and busting out the diapers.

We nursed somewhat awkwardly. We called around and sent photos from our phones. We p Spielautomaten the then-unnamed but future-George dressed, and headed out about noon, into the gorgeous, clean, check this out day.

May 31, at Not only is it beautiful, it also inspires me to tell my own. I wanna share our special and beautiful moment, but fear it might be boring or braggadocios or something.

I love the way you framed it. Makes me p Spielautomaten like it really is important continue reading have stories of intervention- and p Spielautomaten births accessible.

June 2, at 5: June 2, p Spielautomaten 8: And Dee, I made the executive decision to p Spielautomaten out the lovely family photo of Nathan perched behind George and me, still in the tub… of bloody bathwater. Your email address will not be published. Thank You For Sharing!

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