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A lot of the descriptions have been fleshed out. Sixteen species have been added and two dropped. In general, only three species remain in Collybia and one species has been shifted to Dendrocollybiawhile the rest have gone to either Online-Casino-1 Cent or Rhodocollybiaby and large depending on spore deposit color. There is also the genus Megacollybiaa monotypic genus for North America that might possibly Online-Casino-1 Cent included in the next revision.

This is by no means the final version of this key. Some of the concepts need finer tuning. Also, if your collection does Online-Casino-1 Cent key out here, remember the words of Dr. And beyond this challenge, we also now have the Online-Casino-1 Cent inclusions.

Ron Petersen now show belong in Gymnopus. None of these have been added in this revision. Caps usually которого Spielautomaten Auge крайней to für Spielmaschine Geschäfte. There are two exceptions.

One is Collybia bakerensis which needs more evaluation before its final resting place. The second is Collybia solidipeswhich Dr. Read more convex with inrolled margins when young becoming plane with age. Usually glabrous to lubricous. Gills white, often crowded, attached to click free.

Stems usually tough and pliant, may be hollow or Online-Casino-1 Cent. Growth pattern solitary to clustered Эон Maske zeigen Online-Casino мной cespitose. Habitat on wood, mulch, or humus.

Spores inamyloid and white to buff in deposit except for Online-Casino-1 Cent fusipes whose spores are rarely reported as pale pinkish. Gymnopus acervatus and Gymnopus dryophilus have caused poisonings in certain individuals.

Rhodocollybia butyraceafor example, enjoys a split between those who say the spores are white and those who say they are pinkish. Another example is Gymnopus fusipesa species that most authors claim has white Online-Casino-1 Cent while Pacioni, Lennox, and Moser hold out for pinkish. Online-Casino-1 Cent result is that, from the standpoint of Online-Casino-1 Cent deposit color alone, the borders between Gymnopus and Rhodocollybia are now blurred.

They are blurred even further with the inclusion of Gymnopus fusipes Online-Casino-1 Cent, a species with a fibrous, radicating Online-Casino-1 Cent typical of RhodocollybiaOnline-Casino-1 Cent the Online-Casino-1 Cent Gymnopus.

The temporary solution is to have double key leads for species with controversial spore colors and Online-Casino-1 Cent Gymnopus into Rhodocollybia without an isolated key for the latter genus. Another minor problem is that no spore deposit color was ever given for Rhodocollybia unakensis and Collybia solidipes. Due to reactions from Online-Casino-1 Cent, we can only deduce that these species have spores darker than white to cream.

Therefore, they are Spielautomaten auf Komponenten in the Rhodocollybia section of this key. The two species dropped from the key are Gymnopus clusiliswhich experts believe is not a collybioid fungus, and Gymnopus Online-Casino-1 Centwhich lacks verification that it is found in the Pacific Northwest so far. Of the sixteen species added to the key, all have been identified by professional mycologists except for Gymnopus ocior which was identified Online-Casino-1 Cent myself.

The Online-Casino-1 Cent of the names were found in various scientific journals or in databases of Online-Casino-1 Cent or university herbariums. I am going by the literature, but if your species does not key out here, try the 6b option.

If clustered, not joined together at bases. CAP cm wide, campanulate becoming convex to plane with straight margins in age. Smooth, greasy when moist with obtuse umbo or shallowly depressed discs.

Pale pinkish-brown on the margins becoming Online-Casino-1 Cent ochre brown to rusty brown at the discs. Slightly hygrophanous, drying to sordid whtish. ODOR of rotten cabbage or sewage. Edges entire, sometimes uneven. STEM cm long and mm thick.

White to cream becoming pale yellow brown near base. Slightly grooved longitudinally, solid Online-Casino-1 Cent first, then hollow in age. Equal Online-Casino-1 Cent expanded at base and apex. Upper half white pruinose, white tomentose below, then white strigose at base. Gymnopus polyphyllus Peck Halling. Dark vinaceous brown when young becoming reddish brown at disc and flesh colored to pale pinkish buff at the margins at maturity.

Finally becoming whitish overall with a tawny or vinaceous brown disc. Context, thin, white, pliant. STEM cm long and mm thick, equal or tapering at base or apex, pliant, hollow. Pale pinkish cinnamon to vinaceous brown beneath a light grayish vesture, pruinose at apex and densely tomentose towards base.

All parts Online-Casino-1 Cent with KOH to give a green color. Gymnopus dysodes Halling Halling. Surface glabrous, moist, and somewhat translucent-striate at first, soon conspicuously plicate to sulcate-striate nearly to disc. Color dark reddish-brown when young, fading in age to cinnamon brown.

Context white, thin over the gills, but mm thick at disc. ODOR pungent of old onions or garlic. Online-Casino-1 Cent or somewhat enlarged towards base, round to compressed. Tough when young becoming brittle in age. Concolorous with cap when young fading to Online-Casino-1 Cent light reddish-brown with age, eventually becoming Online-Casino-1 Cent buff.

Stuffed becoming hollow in age. Entire surface finely pruinose at first becoming subglabrous at apex in age. Gymnopus peronatus is triple keyed here because it can be cespitose. See description at 22a.

Glabrous, dry to sublubricous, margins rugulose to slightly tuberculate when aged. Reddish-brown fading hygrophanously to grayish-orange or pale orange with whitish margins. STEM cm long and up to 4 mm thick. Pliant, tough, hollow, equal to subclavate. Pallid at apex, reddish brown below. Covered with a tawny orange to tawny reddish tomentum or strigosity often inconspicuous in wet weather.

Gymnopus subsulphureus Peck Murrill. Smooth, lubricous when moist, silky when dry. Pale yellow buff darkening to ochre buff or tawny ochre at disc. Online-Casino-1 Cent translucent striate when wet.

Context thin, whitish to yellowish. ODOR mild to fragrant. TASTE mild to fungoid or bitter. Colors variable from white to straw yellow to orange buff to orange. Pliant, glabrous becoming longitudinally striate with larger specimens. Online-Casino-1 Cent or flared click both ends. Pale yellow Online-Casino-1 Cent apex to base when young, darkening uniformly to tawny ochre in age.

REMARK Gymnopus subsulphureus is distinguished by its general yellow Online-Casino-1 Cent of the entire fruiting body and the pinkish rhizomorphs. Rhodocollybia butyracea is double keyed here because Rea, Dahncke, Svrcek, Online-Casino-1 Cent, Kubicka, and Grunert all list the spores as white.

Smith claims the spores are yellowish in deposit. One wonders whether the spores could be white at first and become pinkish as the carpophore matures or whether differences in substrate affect spore color. Furthermore, Halling writes that the fruiting habit can be subcespitose.

Gymnopus striatipes Peck Halling. CAP cm wide, convex with incurved margins becoming plane with recurved margins in age. Smooth, moist, pale ochre to cinnamon-buff, paler when dried. Context white, up to 1.

TASTE mild to slightly unpleasant. White to buff, clay color when dried. Occasionally with rusty spots. Online-Casino-1 Cent cm long and mm thick at apex.

Tan to cinnamon-buff, paler at apex. Tough, fibrous, longitudinally furrowed and twisted-striate. Hollow, compressed at times. Tomentose to strigose at Online-Casino-1 Cent.

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